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Youth Ministry

What We Offer

The Youth Ministry at Calvary Hills Baptist Church is a priority for the entire church and seeks to provide fellowship for today's youth among Christians.

The Youth Ministry exists to:

Expose teenagers to God's Love
Enfold teenagers into God's family
Equip teenagers for God's work
Exercise teenagers' passion in God's service
Exalt God over all else

The Youth share their faith grow spiritually through Bible Study, and learn how to stand up for their morals at school.

 They enjoy activities such as Highlands Camp near Austin, camping in the country, mission trips to help others, day trips to exciting local landmarks and other activities.


Bible study relevant for today, focused on discipling young Christians.

Sunday evenings begining at 5 P.M. in the Youth Room.



Fellowship time the last Sunday of the month following evening worship service.

Youth will meet  at a predetermined parent's home.

Parents are responsible for transportation and a snack to share. 

RE:iMPACT lasts until 8:30 PM.



Wednesday iMPACT Friends Invited

Wednesdays from 6:30 -7:30 PM.

Bible Lessons based on issues God lays upon our hearts.

Bible lesson is followed by fellowship time.